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Update 12/2015 : This triplex is now sold. 

San Pedro is noted for having a wide variety of income producing properties. The most popular properties are those falling into the 2-4 unit category. Novice and experienced investors prefer 2 to 4 units as financing can be much more favorable and the smaller size units are easier to manage and maintain for the do-it-yourself investors.

Triplex Sold


Charlemagne Int’l Properties (310.525.9440) just added a jewel to the list of available 2-4 units currently for sale in San Pedro, CA. The property consists of one two-bedroom unit and two one-bedroom units. All units are currently occupied. The two-bedroom units has interior laundry hookups and garage. The one bedroom units have on site laundry facilities. Asking price is $519,900.

Offers are subject to inspection. For more information regarding income and expenses contact Josh Toering at 310.525.9440 or email him at

  • $37,200 – Gross annual income
  • $1400/month – Rent on 2 bedroom, 1 bath detached home with 2 car garage.
  • $875/month – Rent on 1 bedroom, 1 bath duplex unit
  • $825/month – Rent on 1 bedroom, 1 bath duplex unit

Norma & Josh of Charlemagne Intl Properties

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