February 2012

Real Estate Decisions From a Distance

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The Chinese New Year ushered in the Year of the Dragon, but 2012 may well be the Year of Distant Purchases on the real estate calendar.  After a visit to Palos Verdes, my sister remarked about the variety of languages her ears detected while dining at a local restaurant.  The chatter from behind was Chinese, an Indian family, with grandmother in traditional sari, murmured quietly in the forward booth.  A Japanese family watched as their daughter skated at the adjacent indoor ice skating rink.  Neighboring tables echoed English, Spanish and a bit of "surf speak" laced with dude and other coastal Cali vernacular.  Yes, the [...]

What’s Your Purchase Tipping Point?

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Master suite or kitchen--what's your purchase tipping point?  In Palos Verdes it is often neither.  It is the stunning views that often bring the "I must have this house" responses from prospective buyers.  Yesterday's outing with a relocation buyer was no exception.  As we concluded our tour of his first trip to Palos Verdes he remarked, "This was great and very helpful.  I now know I must have a great view."   We toured a variety of homes in a variety of neighborhoods.  His goal, and ours, was to show housing options on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  We looked at newer homes, older homes, homes [...]

The Outdoor Living Room

By | February 20th, 2012|Front Page, Palos Verdes Peninsula|

I showed property on the Palos Verdes Peninsula yesterday.  There were many lovely properties in the mix of homes my prospective buyers wanted to view.  One home stood out above the rest to me, not because it was the grandest but because of the inviting outdoor living room (formerly a concrete patio?) complete with fireplace, conversation and dining areas.   A vine-covered trellis provided a green canopy of cover more beautiful than any of the interior ceilings.  There was a fountain with splashing water (okay, maybe it did muffle some of the road noise) but it also added to the ambiance [...]

Luxury Homes in Hermosa Beach–Ocean Front Living on the Beach

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The most expensive high-end luxury home for sale in Hermosa Beach, CA is a 7 bedroom, 10 bath contemporary beauty located on The Strand with nearly 10,000 square feet of living space. The celebrity worthy trophy home is listed for $14,950,000. You can watch the waves and the volleyball matches from the comfort of your front patio, but be sure to wear your sunglasses as the sun shines often and the sand is close enough to get kicked in your eyes. If a cute little beach cottage in need of some TLC is more your speed, the least expensive single [...]

Luxury Homes in Redondo Beach–Surf, Sand and Killer Views

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The most expensive home currently for sale in Redondo Beach, California is located on the Esplanade for just under $7,000,000.  The ocean front property showcases the beach lifestyle the beach cities of Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo offer.  Redondo Beach is the most affordable of the three beach cities.   The second most expensive home currently for sale in Redondo Beach is an ocean front condo listed for under $2,000,000 and located on the Esplanade.  If you're shopping for a panoramic ocean view with easy access to the beach, bike paths, and the action packed beach life at an affordable price you should add Redondo [...]

Palos Verdes Luxury Homes Inventory Over $10,000,000

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There are currently two homes listed for sale in Palos Verdes in the $10,000,000 price range.  One of the homes is located in Palos Verdes Estates on prestigious Paseo La Cresta and the other is located in Rancho Palos Verdes at Trump National Estates.  I have shown or previewed both homes. The Paseo La Cresta estate offers spectacular ocean and coastline views, tennis court, guest quarters and pool in approximately 8000 square feet.   The Trump National ocean view property was built in 2005, and the 7669 square foot home is being sold fully furnished. The five most expensive homes sold on the Palos [...]

Palos Verdes, California

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Palos Verdes is a name often used to refer to a group of coastal cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in southwestern Los Angeles County in California. Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, and Rolling Hills Estates are the predominant cities in the area. This affluent bedroom community is known for its dramatic views, great schools, extensive horse trails, and tranquil living while still being in Los Angeles. Some of Norma's articles on Palos Verdes: 100 Reasons to Live in Palos Verdes Where is Palos Verdes Things to do in Palos Verdes Day Tripping from Palos Verdes Types [...]

Greater South Bay of Los Angeles

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The South Bay is a region of the southwest peninsula of Los Angeles County, California. The name stems from its geographic features stretching along the southern shores of Santa Monica Bay (covering the coastal regions on Los Angeles County south of LAX) which forms its western border Cities in the South Bay of Los Angeles: Palos Verdes Palos Verdes Estates - Homes for sale Rolling Hills - Homes for sale Rancho Palos Verdes - Homes for sale Rolling Hills Estates - Homes for sale Palos Verdes Peninsula (Unincorporated) - Homes for sale The Beach Cities Redondo Beach - Homes for [...]

Beach Cities

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The "Beach Cities" district lies in the South Bay area and includes Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. All three cities are renowned for their beaches and have municipal piers as well as shopping and eateries along the coastline. They are popular with swimmers, surfers, body boarders and other beach goers, as well as for tourists and vacationers. The strand runs along the beaches and is popular for cycling, running and rollerblading. Fishing and boating are also popular in the communities, as there are several marinas. The Beach Cities Redondo Beach - Homes for sale in Redondo Hermosa Beach [...]

A Never Ending Supply of Doors

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Ancestral Door in England. Do I look like a tourist or what? As a Palos Verdes real estate agent and broker / owner of Charlemagne Int'l Properties, I spend much of my time opening and closing doors.  Yesterday, as we waited for buyers to arrive at the final walk-through inspection, a car stopped, and the would-be buyers asked if they could see the house my son was in the process of unlocking. "I'm sorry, it's sold."  Josh replied just as our buyers arrived. "Do you have any more?"  The disappointed prospective buyers inquired. I walked to the curb and told them, [...]