February 2013

Sellers, This Is Your House Speaking to You

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  We've had some good times together, but the time has come for us to go our separate ways.  You'll be moving on and I'll stay behind. Yes, it's true, you have outgrown me.  Before you walk away, here are a few hints to make our parting filled with more sweet than sorrow:   1.  Garage sale, Goodwill or Simply Give Stuff Away:  I don't want to look like I'm bursting the seams of every room, closet and drawer.  So please help me lighten the load, look sleeker and more spacious by keeping only what fits. Once that excess baggage is gone you'll be [...]

Buyers on Fire While Sellers Sleep

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  I am one of several hundred real estate agents and brokers engaged in the art (or shall I say war) of selling real estate on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Add a thousand or so more South Bay and Beach Cities agents and we are all ready to write an offer with a tap on the iPad, seal it with an electronic signature and send it on its merry way to find its place amid a pile of similar offers on the same property.  Multiple offers are the norm, not the exception these days. Yes, it's a battle zone out [...]

Los Angeles City – Rent Control Info

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    Several clients are purchasing or interested in purchasing multifamily investment properties in the Los Angeles area.  The City of Los Angeles is under rent control and it has specfic rules and regs a prospective buyer needs to know about prior to purchasing a property.   Here's some "starter" information with links to appropriate sites where you can delve deeper into the subject of rent control in Los Angeles.   LA City Rent Control - Managed by LA Housing Dept "Rent Stabilization Ordinance" - Summary Applies only to properties inside the LA City borders which in the South Bay includes most of [...]

Palos Verdes Real Estate Market Report February 25, 2013 Sellers Needed

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109 Single family homes are currently for sale on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  No wonder bidding wars are the norm rather than the exception in today's real estate market. 108 Single family homes in Palos Verdes are in escrow.  Those number translate less than a one-month supply of homes for sale.  It's easy to see why buyers are getting discouraged and wondering if they will ever find a home in Palos Verdes. Yes, there's a problem and sellers are needed to help solve it.  The solution is to add homes to the inventory to reduce the madness of multiple offers [...]

Manhattan Beach Luxury Home Sales – January 2013

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5 Manhattan Beach Luxury Homes (priced over $2,000,000) sold in January 2013.  All sales were located in the Manhattan Beach Sand  neighborhood.  The properties ranged in price from a low of $2,325,000 to $9,450,000 being the top priced paid for a home on The Strand. There are currently 23 Manhattan Beach luxury homes for sale and 12 Manhattan Beach luxury homes in escrow. For more information on luxury homes in Manhattan Beach contact Norma Toering & Team. (310) 493-8333   Homes for sale in Manhattan Beach priced over $2 Million:  (Search all Manhattan Beach homes)  

Hermosa Beach Luxury Home Report – January 2013

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Hermosa Beach Luxury Home Listed by Norma Toering & Team January was a quiet month for luxury homes sales in Hermosa Beach.  No sales over $2,000,000 were reported on the Multiple Listing Service. Two luxury homes are currently in escrow listed at $4,975,000 located on Hermosa Avenue and $3,289,000 located on 25th St. There are  five Hermosa Beach luxury homes for sale with four located in the ever-popular Sand Section and one located in the Valley Section of Hermosa Beach.   The luxury homes currently for sale range in price from $2,449,000 to a high of $14,250,000 for a 7000 [...]

Surprise, Surprise! Stolen Sign Surfaces Back at the Site

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Last Monday I posted an article announcing the theft of the real estate sign from my luxury listing in Hermosa Beach. We replaced it the same day with a temporary sign. Friday we were showing property in Hermosa Beach one block from our luxury listing. We took a short detour by the property to see if the temporary sign had vanished too. Imagine our surprise when we saw the original luxury sign and the temporary sign sharing the same small plot of high-end real estate soil! I won't reveal the details, but second thoughts can be a very smart thing [...]

Palos Verdes Luxury Homes Sales – Jan 2013

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Palos Verdes Luxury Homes Sales - Jan 2013   - Norma (310) 493-8333    Four luxury homes sold in Palos Verdes during the month of January 2013.  Rancho Palos Verdes claimed the highest price sale at $4,500,000 for a nearly 7000 sq. ft. home in Oceanfront Estates.  Two luxury sales were recorded in Rolling Hills and one in Palos Verdes Estates.  If you're in the market to either buy or sell a luxury home in Palos Verdes Norma Toering & Team would be honored to help you accomplish your real estate goals.   Luxury homes for sale in Palos Verdes, [...]

3 Secrets to Keeping Your Cool in a Crazy Market

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Running in circles and still can't find a home? This week Norma Toering & Team once again found ourselves in a real estate feeding frenzy when a new listing hit the market. The early signs were evident with agents jockeying for parking spaces at the broker open house tour. I arrived with a client in tow and was back later the same day with the rest of the family. Everything about the property was perfect for them except the number of others buyers obviously having the same thoughts dancing in their heads. Competition is good for the market [...]

Somebody Stole My For Sale Sign

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3130 Hermosa Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA My weekend was filled with workouts (hike, yoga and free weights), work (wrote two offers and prepping another). I was feeling great about the productive weekend until I received a call from a neighbor of my luxury listing at 3130 Hermosa Beach. "I see your sign is down. How much did the property sell for?" "The property is available. Are you sure the sign is missing?" "Yes. The sign was there yesterday and today it is gone." As soon as we confirmed the offers we wrote were in the hands of the listing [...]