March 2013

Little Luxuries of the Palos Verdes Lifestyle

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Whenever people ask me where I'm from, when traveling outside California, they most often have a quizzical look on their face after my reply.  I know what's coming next.  "Palos Verdes?  Where's that?" Of course,  if I want to avoid the long explanation I simply say, "Los Angeles," and leave it at that.  The truth is, the anonymity of the locale is a luxurious aspect of life on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  This is not Hollywood, nor Beverly Hills or even Malibu.  The world has heard of those glittering places; not so Palos Verdes. The majesty and length of our scenic coastline [...]

Off Market Sales — Who do They Benefit?

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Networking has taken on new meaning in the current real estate market.  There are "secret" networking groups within larger company networking meetings.  "Closed" networking cliques exist as well as "luxury home" networking systems.  Often these networking meetings are by invitation only.  The goal is to sell a property before it hits the open market and receives dozens of offers. In my opinion, this may not be the best route for either the buyer or the seller.  I do think it works well for the agents--there I said it.  If the purpose of placing a property on the Multiple Listing Service [...]

What’s the Best Tool in a Palos Verdes Listing Agent’s Marketing Toolbox?

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Answer: The Multiple Listing Service and the thousands of agents it reaches. It may be Old School but it is effective. Consider it the early predecessor to Facebook. As members of the same big network agents can see what other agents are listing and selling. We are privy to when a property goes under contract or when it fall out of contract. We know when a listing expires or is canceled. We post our open houses, both public and professional on the network. Although it's been around for decades the MLS still packs a powerful punch in the business model [...]

35 Offers? How Long Can This Last?

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The rush to buy golden investment properties is on! Yes, Norma Toering & Team's most recent offer was one of 35 offers on a fourplex in Redondo Beach--one happy buyer and 34 disappointed and still searching for inventory that is simply not there. What's a buyer to do?  Expand your search area and lower your expectations a notch or two.  It's tough love advice that may be hard to heed but the reward will come later.  That smoking deal and steal you're hoping to find will most likely remain elusive as long as current market conditions prevail. The 180 [...]

Buyers Unleashed

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Low housing inventory is becoming old but persistent news. Today, we will snake along the Southern California coastal cities and show property from Palos Verdes to Manhattan Beach. Last night we disappointed clients by informing them the house they were scheduled to see today sold. Three days on the market and it's in escrow. The husband was traveling or we would have looked at it day one. Timing is crucial in a tight market, and as he was boarding a plane the listing was hitting the Multiple Listing Service. Price are edging upward and inventory levels continue to fall. Buyers [...]

Buying a Home – Tips from Norma Toering

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Buying a Home   Tips from Norma Toering   (310) 493-8333    The home buying process can take months to complete, but I've taken a bold step by attempting to condense the process into a four minute video. It is more important to have a professional you trust guiding you through the process than totally understanding the sequence of events that must occur from looking to acutally living in your dream home.  However, it's always a good idea to have an understanding of the process. If you have additional questions after watching the video, we are always available to assist you. [...]