April 2014

Bye, Bye, Green Grass

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  In Los Angeles City upon the sale of a house it must be retrofitted with water saving devices such as low flow toilets and shower-heads.  I have always found this rather amusing and only the proverbial drip in the bucket when it comes to saving water.  Meanwhile the expansive lawns of green grass drink at least twice a week for 20-30 minutes. California, yes the entire State, is enduring one of the worst droughts of recent memory.  On my planet the token water-saving toilets and shower-heads are no longer enough.  I'd like to see lawns converted to "desert" friendly landscaping, [...]

Big Baskets Sold My First House

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Just in case any of you sellers think this agent does not empathize with the trials and tribulations of selling a property occupied by people and pets, my first experience selling a property was from the seller's perspective. Let me introduce you to the cast of characters who played leading roles in my first real estate sale. One was a seven-month pregnant woman (me), and let's not forget the two-year-old who never napped. Just to complete the picture, there was a dog who hated strangers and was still trying to master the art of relieving himself outdoors--thank heavens for hardwood [...]

Refreshing My Relocation Blog Post

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Last week I received a call from a NYC resident who was visiting friends in Redondo Beach, CA.  She wanted to tour a few Palos Verdes properties while she was in town since she also had an interview or two scheduled while in Los Angeles.  This life-long NYC resident was ready to leave the winter of 2013-14 far behind forever. When I inquired how she found my information she said, "I Googled Palos Verdes homes for sale, and your name popped up several times. I clicked on your relocation guide." I made a mental note to update my relocation guide [...]

Manhattan Beach Income Property For Sale and Sold–April 2014

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After a steep increase in real estate prices during 2013 in Manhattan Beach the inventory still remains very tight.  Income properties are no exception as there is currently only one Manhattan Beach income property listed for sale.  The  two unit property is located on 44th St. and asking price is $1,175,000. Four Manhattan Beach multifamily properties are in escrow with accepted offers.  Prices range from $1,550,000 to $3,700,000. Scrolling back to closed sales since January 1, 2014 the MLS shows six multifamily sales in Manhattan Beach.  Price range from $1,255,000 to $1,867,500 and all sales were two unit properties. For [...]

Hermosa Beach Income Property For Sale and Sold–April 2014

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The coastal beach city of Hermosa Beach has an active rental market.  The dream to live close to the beach is popular with young renters as well as boomers who have sold the family home and are looking for a lifestyle that will allow them to walk for exercise as well as walk to dinner--Hermosa Beach offers both choices. Active Listings:  As of mid-April nine Hermosa Beach income properties are listed for sale.  The prices begin at $649,000 for a 525 sq. ft. condo at The Beach House on The Strand, to $3,499,000 for 4-units on Manhattan Ave. Pending Sales: [...]

32724 Coastsite Dr #205 – Ocean View Condo for Sale in Palos Verdes

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Want to live in a coastal condo with an amazing ocean view, pools, tennis and gorgeous grounds? Then you must check out this one-level condo in the Bay Club in Rancho Palos Verdes. Located on 17 acres of prime coastal property with tennis courts, clubhouse and an oceanfront pool, the neighborhood is home to multi-million dollar single family homes as well as multifamily dwellings. The rooms are spacious with both kitchen and bathrooms upgraded with newer flooring, fixtures and more. There are walls of windows to enjoy the view and spacious rooms with ample storage. Located along the Palos Verdes [...]

Palos Verdes Homes with Ocean View

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A home with a view is often a top priority for prospective buyers in Palos Verdes.  From its vantage point high on a hill and geographically a peninsula with water on three sides, it's relatively easy to fulfill the view requirement.  The next question is, "What view do you prefer?"  In my experience having an ocean view is the number one response.  However, there are many variations of an ocean view in Palos Verdes. The ocean views from Malaga Cove in Palos Verdes Estates often include not only the ocean but city lights and mountains giving it a 24/7 view to [...]

Walking in Palos Verdes

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Palos Verdes never scores high on the "Walk Score" test.  However, if someone devised a "Walk Score" for sheer natural beauty Palos Verdes would score off the chart! This is one of the many photo opps I encountered on my walk along the ocean bluffs at Trump National this past week.  It's not a place I usually stop to snap a photo but the flowers, trail and waves were layered in sweet succession, and although my cardio workout may have suffered from the stop I'm sure it was offset by the therapy soaked up by the soul. You have no [...]

RAT Beach in Palos Verdes Estates–a Favorite with Parents and Kids

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I decided to do a little research this morning by reviewing some of my most popular blog posts over the past seven years.  It was a good way to determine what topics have a timeless appeal to readers. Not surprisingly, an early post about a treasured local beach is still racking up the clicks and views. With another season of warm weather fast approaching, RAT Beach in Palos Verdes Estates will soon be the scene of surfing lessons, picnics, boogie boarding, and beach umbrellas in the sand. Here's a snippet from my 2008 post, and I've included a few photos from [...]

CA Desert Getaway with Golf, Tennis, Pools and a Thriving Social Scene

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My friends and family in snow country laugh at me when I say I love spending time in the California desert to escape the "harsh" Southern California winter.  Okay, I agree there is no comparison as I have experienced years of both climates, but there is something about the desert sun, heat and warm breezes that beckons me back year after year.  I love the coast but it can be damp and gray during our short winter months. If you're in the market to purchase a place in the desert with resort amenities, this 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo is worth investigating. [...]