May 2014

Why You Should Sell Your Home Now

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There's been lots of chatter about low inventory for months on end.  While the inventory still remains low, in my opinion the number one reason for homeowners and landlords to place their South Bay of Los Angeles property on the market is interest rates are still hovering around 4%, give or take a bit depending on the buyer's credit score and loan required.  Yes, there may not be as many homes to choose from, but a 30 year mortgage at 4% is so appealing many buyers are willing to make compromises on their list of "Must Have"  for their new home. [...]

Two Natural Beauties–Palos Verdes Lifestyle

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I'm constantly reminded how fortunate I am to live in the naturally beautiful coastal area of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  The Pacific Oceans gifts us with gentle breezes, rhythmic waves and an enviable year-round temperate climate.  Yes, occasionally we must tolerate the hot, dry Santa Ana winds, as we are at the moment with our 100 degree temperatures and 3% humidity, but it's usually only a few days until the winds reverse, and once again roll in off the ocean offering relief and a return to the weather we're accustomed to enjoying. I love the open spaces, the hiking and [...]

Where is Palos Verdes? Driving Times Around Los Angeles

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The Palos Verdes Peninsula is located in southern Los Angeles County in California, USA. The peninsula rises above the surrounding cities earning it the local nickname of “The Hill.” With the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the west and south, Palos Verdes is also adjacent to the South Bay cities of Torrance, Lomita and San Pedro. The “Beach Cities” of the South Bay are also nearby to the north including Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. Palos Verdes has close access to the 405 Freeway and the 110 Freeway connecting to most freeways in the Los Angeles and Orange County [...]

Palos Verdes Housing Market Update Spring 2014 (Video)

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Palos Verdes - The Home Sales Market (Spring 2014)   Here's a snapshot of real estate activity in Palos Verdes as we move deeper into the spring selling season of 2014. For more information on any specific neighborhood on the Palos Verdes Peninsula check out our website ToeringandTeam or give us a call at Charlemagne International Property 310.493.8333. - Norma (310) 493-83333

Got Goats?

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Nomadic goat herds roaming the hills and canyons of Rancho Palos Verdes recall another era, if not another century.  It's refreshing to see progress can take us back to the past as well as hurl us into the future. Actually, I thought it would be perfect to take this photo with an overhead drone to capture the something old, something new combination, but alas, we had to settle for the lowly iPhone of my son, Josh, as he drove from one home inspection to the next last week. Grazing goats, chomping away at their own speed, are clearing the open [...]

Los Angeles Luxury Homes in the South Bay

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Last night I found myself wondering about the distribution of luxury homes in the cities that make up the South Bay area of Los Angeles.  Yes, I still think of real estate after business hours, if there is such a thing as "after hours" in real estate.  For years  I blogged about luxury homes in Palos Verdes and the Beach Cities, today I'm going to check a few cities  where we sell property, but do not often write about. For this article we will define "luxury home" as residential properties (single family, townhouse or condo) with a list price of [...]