June 2014

Peacocks and Jaguars

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A Rolling Hills Estates peacock was in no rush to move out of the street and let my jaguar proceed on its merry way as I previewed horse property for a client yesterday. Peacocks are a familiar sight in many neighborhoods throughout the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Some people love them, others not so much.  They are beautiful creatures, but they can be very noisy and frequently leave their droppings on decks and sidewalks much to the dismay of local homeowners. - Norma (310) 493-8333

The Sky Isn’t Falling, But Home Prices Are

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We may have our answer to whether the rocket-like rise in home values in the South Bay of Los Angeles can be sustained, or whether prices went too high too fast.  Check out this snapshot from today's Multiple Listing Service report on recent real estate activity.  Those little red arrows pointing downward indicate the property received a price reduction from its original list price. In January I predicted 2014 would see home value increases reduced to 8% for the year for the local area.  2013's 20% increases in many areas of the South Bay was simply unsustainable.  Is the market [...]

Should I Sell, Buy or Sit on the Fence?

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The big real estate story on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and surrounding South Bay area of Los Angeles,  is inventory is finally catching up with demand.  I greet this news with mixed emotions.  First, for prospective buyers it is good news.  Not only will there be more homes for them to consider prior to making an offer, the increased supply will allow them to negotiate a bit more on price and terms.  There are other homes waiting in the pipeline if their first choice home is beyond their reach and that has not been the case for many months. On [...]

Giving Back Since 1994

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I had to go way back in my real estate career archives to find this one!  As I recall, I pledged to donate 10% of all commissions earned during the month of November 1994 to the local food drive.  I had a productive month and was more than happy to share my good fortune with the less fortunate. My philosophy has always been to give back to the community where I work and live.  I believe my check made up more than 50% of the amount donated by local Realtors that month, hence the photo opportunity to spread the word. The photo, [...]

Playing the Long Game

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This week I received a call while driving, and since I'm a California driver who actually obeys the law, I let the call go to voice mail.  When I reached my destination I listened to a short list of messages dealing with the daily duties of being a real estate broker owner in the greater Los Angeles area, but this one stood out.  The caller identified himself as someone who met me at an open house nine years ago.  Wow, since I didn't recognize the name, but I did recall the property, I couldn't help but wonder what I did [...]