526 Palos Verdes single family homes have sold in 2012 as of Oct. 30, 2012.  There are currently 108 single family homes in escrow.  No doubt about it, the Palos Verdes housing market is on the move.  Homes priced under $2,000,000 are in high demand.

The luxury home market is moving at a much slower pace.  70 of the 526  2012 sales were luxury homes priced over $2,000,000.  There are currently 14 luxury homes in escrow and 55 homes priced over $2,000,000 are listed for sale.

The market is always speaking to us.  These statistics suggest now is a great time to list PV properties priced under $2,000,000.  Prospective buyers of these properties must present the strongest offer possible.  On the other hand, buyers of luxury properties have many more properties to choose from and can expect to exercise more negotiating muscle.