Elephants I photographed in Africa.

I wrote this article back in 2012 when short sales and foreclosures were finally beginning to fade into the history books.  Thank heavens, those are gone, but my passion for helping my clients find the right home for them is as strong as ever.  Markets change, but my loyalty to my clients is steadfast.

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Charlemagne International Properties BRE# 01147470

As consciousness returns to my being after a restful night’s sleep, I savor those first few moments of wakefulness by focusing on where my passion will be aimed during the coming day.  Today, like most days, its energy and power will be centered on moving my current Palos Verdes and South Bay clients’ real estate dreams closer to the realm of reality.  Some days this task can feel like a hike up Mt. Everest, leaving one breathless but exhilarated.


Yes, Bank of America, I’m talking to you.  For the love of Pete, isn’t four months long enough to decide whether you are going to approve a short sale or not?  The natives, which would be my clients, are getting restless and pretty fed up with the wait.  Last week they had me preview another property for them.  I’ll share this information with you–there’s a backup in their mind, so get your big bank head together and give us an answer before it’s too late. 


Next on my list (almost called it a hit list due to pent-up steam from the previous paragraph but that seems a bit severe) is a looming deadline for contingency removal and we’re not quite ready.   We’re waiting for FHA to bless the deal or at least tell us what must be fixed before escrow can close.  My first time home buyers are so close to receiving the keys to their dream home they can almost taste it.  After two years of searching, a few losses of homes that were not meant to be, I’m fortunate to be a part of their joy. 


There are listings to assess and evaluate, and new buyers to add to the database and other typical daily real estate stuff.  After all, without sellers and buyers, my business would not exist.  However, when I pull one file from the masses and place it front and center on my desk, my entire focus is on the individual buyer or seller that enlisted Norma Toering & Team to help them achieve their real estate goal. 

I have a passion for your success.