Real estate agents spend a great deal of time (and money) generating leads.  Without leads, a full pipeline and a sphere of influence our business is drier than the Sahara in summer.  Without leads we have no one to sell, to close or earn a commission.  We are always selling, but when you think about it, isn’t everyone?

We must sell ourselves during a job interview, in our relationships and anytime we go after something we really want.  Sometimes it is a simple process, sometimes the selling process is ongoing over a lifetime.  Selling is not an embarrassment, it is a necessity of success.

Norma Toering & Team received a referral last week.  The genesis of that referral began 20 years ago this month when I dropped my oldest son off at the University of California at San Diego.  As luck would have another family was unloading a car at the curb next to us.  A conversation ensued and we discovered our two sons were scheduled to be in the same four person suite.  The two freshmen seemed like a good match to me.

“Grab him,”  I said as I lifted a suitcase from the trunk of the car.  My son looked at me quizzically.  “You think I should ask him if he wants to be my roommate?”  I nodded,  and they moved into the same room.  They’ve remained lifelong friends.

My son’s college roommate’s girlfriend is a real estate agent and sent a sweet referral our way.  You never know who, what, when or where your next referral will begin.  Sometimes it is sprouted years in advance and isn’t that delightful?