The Palos Verdes coastline

Not all side effects are bad, as a matter of fact some are beneficial in an indirect manner.  When it comes to blogging about real estate (or any other topic) it is almost impossible to measure the results.  Of course, we love it when a buyer calls and says, “I’m reading your blog post about such and such.”  Such a direct hit is always appreciated, but an equal number of contacts materialize in a more direct manner.

Take this morning.  An appraiser phoned to ask my opinion on income property values in San Pedro.  I assumed he researched sold properties in the neighborhood and found a Norma Toering & Team sale.  Wrong.  As he segued deeper into the conversation he mentioned a blog post as his source of initial information.

Blogging rarely produces immediate results, but it does produce results over time.  I’m beginning my seventh year of blogging about real estate in the South Bay of Los Angeles.  I’m a better agent because I blog.  I know more about the local market because I blog.  I know more about real estate trends, both local, national and international because I read fellow blogger’s posts.  I have a national and international real estate network because I blog.  Although my local real estate knowledge was always up to date and in-depth, it is more so since I began blogging.

One last side effect of blogging is it makes my job more fun, as what better way to sell real estate than by marketing a beautiful coastal area via stunning photos and rambling prose–two of my favorite things are great photos and wonderful words–when combined in a blog they offer beauty, local information, real estate trends and a love for what I do and where I do it.

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