I’m a novice at this, but it is necessary on so many levels I begin posting videos.  First, we’re a visual species.  Real estate should be filled with unforgettable photos and videos that quickly sear the images into the memory card of the viewer.  Video is a quick, efficient and effective way to accomplish this task.

Next, I have a little carpel tunnel thing going on in my left arm and shoulder–too much blogging–so I have a real need to reduce my typing time.

Bear with me I will get better at videos.  In another lifetime (that would be my twenties) I modeled and made many commercials–the time has come to resurrect a long lost skill.  I promise improving my presentation will be high on the list.  It may never equal the Olympians ‘Call Me Maybe’ but it will offer information on Palos Verdes and Beach Cities real estate markets and the local lifestyle.

– Norma (310) 493-8333