I just returned from a lovely “bush experience” in the wilds of Botswana,  Zimbabwe and  the tamer territory of Cape Town.  I tried to leave my real estate mind far behind in California, but I couldn’t help but notice a few similarities between the bush and the sellers and buyers I left behind.


Africa 2014 Cheeta

An animal may stalk his prey of choice for hours or even days.  He lies in wait until the most opportune moment presents itself.  Then, with no hesitation, and with lightning speed, he pounces, chases, fights or whatever it takes to succeed and achieve his goal.  Animals must eat.

Human buyers of shelter face similar challenges in today’s real estate market.  Inventory is limited; there is not enough “food” to serve everyone.  Like in the animal kingdom, survival of the fittest (or most prepared by being ready, willing and able) enjoy the feast of acquiring a highly sought after piece of real estate.  I was reminded of the oft quoted, “He who hesitates loses.”  The real estate market is never a comfortable residence for the meek.  Nor is the remote bush of Africa a place of comfort for the occasional traveler.  Thank heavens for the presence of an experienced guide.

Sean, Pretty (must have been an adorable baby), Sampson and Stan were my guides and I remember their names with good reason.  My safety, even my life, was in their hands.  Safari guides (and real estate professionals) are there for a reason.  I happily left a generous tip after the return from more than one adventurous game drive, elephant back safari or foray by foot into the bush.

Investing in any market comes with certain risks as does travel to third world countries.  The goal is to enjoy the experience and reduce risks while increasing the likelihood of a favorable and desired outcome.  Whether you are traveling,  buying or selling,  a knowledge guide can help you avoid unpleasant surprises.  I shudder to think what might of happened if I, or a fellow traveler, had taken the wheel of our safari vehicle without an experienced guide in the passenger’s seat.

When you’re ready to take an adventure vacation, or purchase or sell real estate, my best advice is choose your guide with care.  Your life, or financial future, may be at risk.

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