Not all doorways must be square!

The best economic indicator I have are my clients.  When my phone and email box show a flurry of inquires and calls, I suspect buyer confidence is on the rise.  Last week two of my clients in different business sectors, inquired about purchasing a business with underlying real estate.  Savvy move, in this real estate agent/broker’s opinion.

Josh and I previewed one of the properties of interest located in the downtown area of San Pedro.  The downtown area has stood poised on the edge of revitalization for at least two decades.  I opened a small antique and vintage jewelry business in the town center when I first arrived in Palos Verdes.  Progress was made during the ensuing twenty plus years, but the recession arrived, businesses faltered and growth came to a grinding halt.

Signs of life are stirring in San Pedro’s downtown area.  Josh and I were delighted to investigate the property of interest for our client.  It’s a long closed art gallery with an adjoining space that could be a separate business or additional gallery space.  I must admit I enjoyed the change of pace previewing an empty shell of opportunity provided.    I could imagine shoppers strolling in and out viewing art (buying too) and enjoying the eclectic mix of shops in the area.

Will my buyer purchase the gallery?  Time will tell, but in the meantime take a peek at some of the architectural creativity on display.

Creative way to frame doorway


Walk amid the stars–artistic floor