What do you think is the best buy on ‘The Hill’ aka Palos Verdes Peninsula, right now?  It seems I’m always answering this question for someone, and there is no easy answer given the variety in style, view, condition and price of homes in Palos Verdes. I do have moments of assured clarity when I walk in the door, or sometimes simply pull into the driveway, and know this is a great buy.

Eggs in a Nest

I love a great buy on anything and everything.  I once found an Armani dress that was a perfect fit and it was love at first sight, but I really fell for it when I saw the price was marked down by 50%.  I pounce on under-priced properties with the same zeal.


I once called a client from a property I rushed to see the moment it hit the MLS hotsheet.  I knew the neighborhood, I knew the view and judging from the photos the updated house was listed at least 10% below market value.  I called my client from the kitchen and she met me at the property on her way home from work.  We wrote a full price offer on the trunk of my car.  You must act fast when you find a great buy.


After an intense scroll through the MLS I kept returning to a million dollar baby, actually $1,100,000, located in a neighborhood full of “lifers” as no one wants to leave, remodeled and with a mesmerizing ocean view.  The one-level home won’t linger long on the market. 


How’s this for karma?  After selecting my best buy of the month, I made a note to call the agent and ask for her permission to feature her listing on my real estate blog before publishing the article.  Moments later my phone rang.  It was the listing agent calling on a different property.  During our conversation she said interest is high and offers may be on the way.  So don’t hesitate if you want in on this one–call me.

View from Sea Raven
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Norma Toering


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