Ignition of match, with smoke on black


I am one of several hundred real estate agents and brokers engaged in the art (or shall I say war) of selling real estate on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Add a thousand or so more South Bay and Beach Cities agents and we are all ready to write an offer with a tap on the iPad, seal it with an electronic signature and send it on its merry way to find its place amid a pile of similar offers on the same property.  Multiple offers are the norm, not the exception these days.

Yes, it’s a battle zone out there and both buyers and agents are bruised, battered and beleaguered by current market conditions.  Meanwhile, sellers are once again sleeping well while visions of new-found equity dance in their heads.  I’ve not yet heard Marie Antoinette’s famous line of, “Let them eat cake,” but there is certainly no rush to market to satiate the intense buyer hunger enveloping the nation.

Perhaps the buyer for your home is one of the buyers in my pack of prospective would-be Palos Verdes, or other cities, buyers if only they could find a home.  I’ll only mention those from my list that are so hot to buy the flame is visible in their eyes:

1)  Family of four living in temporary quarters and scanning new listings daily.  What their hearts desire:  4-bedrooms, pool and a yard for kids.  Area:  Palos Verdes

2)  Ocean view property with yard and remodeled for busy executive relocating to Palos Verdes.

3)  Beach cottage or townhouse in Manhattan Beach–former chef wants a great kitchen.

4)  Cash buyer wants ocean view in Rancho Palos Verdes or South Shores.

5)  South Bay income property wanted yesterday by several investors.

6)  Oceanfront property, or very close, with open floor plan.

I could go on, but if I have this many “hot” buyers, I’m certain most other active agents have an equal or greater number.  Last week Norma Toering & Team added four new qualified and ready to buy customers to our active list.  I only wish we had four new listings to show to each of them.

Sellers, maybe it’s time to wake up from the long rest the market took during the recession and open your front door to waiting buyers.  More than likely there are multiple buyers waiting to purchase your home too.