August 2019

Palos Verdes Home Prices–Lowest to Highest

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  Whether you’re searching for a starter home or your dream home, my guess is you can find it in Palos Verdes. From starter cottages to hillside villas, the Palos Verdes Peninsula offers buyers a wide variety of home styles and price ranges. The least expensive Palos Verdes home listed for sale today (August 8, 2019) is a two-bedroom cottage in the Eastview neighborhood of Rancho Palos Verdes. The list price is $819,000. On the other hand, $27,500,000 is the list price for a three-acre Lunada Bay estate located in Palos Verdes Estates. Fortunately, there are 263 other choices available [...]

April 2018

Where Are Palos Verdes Luxury Homes Located?

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New construction along the coast in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Palos Verdes luxury homes are located throughout the four cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. If we define "luxury home" as those properties selling for $3,000,000 and up, there is a higher concentration of luxury properties in Rolling Hills and Palos Verdes Estates. Rancho Palos Verdes is gaining ground in the luxury category as well. Luxury home sales on the Palos Verdes Peninsula during the past twelve months: Palos Verdes Estates:  23 Luxury homes sold per MLS records. Rancho Palos Verdes:  16 Luxury home sales were recorded per MLS [...]

April 2017

Providing Palos Verdes Buyers and Sellers with the Best and Top Real Estate Service

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Luxury Home Sold by Charlemagne International Properties   I have a 'clients first' policy.  It's not always well received by my business partner or my inner social circle, but unless I have an appointment or engagement that must be honored, I keep my schedule flexible to accommodate my clients' needs.  Perhaps this is because before I was a real estate agent in Palos Verdes, I was a globe-trotting, house-buying corporate gypsy. Yes, I arrived in the new city we would soon call home, usually on a very tight schedule, and began the house-hunting mission.  I did not want [...]

February 2017

Need a Top Agent/Broker to Help You Sell or Buy in Palos Verdes?

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  The selection of a real estate professional to represent you in the sale of your property is a huge decision.  Not only is your home like to be one of your most valuable assets, but the choice of a real estate agent can also increase your net, or it can cost you thousands of dollars.  Choose with great care!  The process of selling a property is a little bit science and a little bit art.  Timing and luck are also often thrown into the mix. The science part involves knowing the local market and being able to translate the [...]

October 2016

The Lay of the Land In Palos Verdes

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Many buyers expect to purchase a property with a flat backyard.  In Palos Verdes, that may present more of a challenge than anticipated, especially if a view is also on the list of requirements. The Palos Verdes Peninsula is full of canyons, cliffs, hills and the edge of the ocean. All are highly desirable but not always compatible with a flat backyard.  Due to the location of the lot, the yard and pool may be in the front courtyard allowing for the back of the house to take full advantage of one of our spectacular views of either the ocean [...]

January 2016

100+ Reasons to Buy a Luxury Home in Palos Verdes, CA

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I wrote the original version of this article back in 2008--some things change and others remain the same.  Even though I've gone on to expound in-depth about the Palos Verdes lifestyle in over 4,000  articles, and I discover new things to love about life in PV, these original five reasons still top my list. Original article as written January 2008: I was recently asked by a soon-to-be resident what I like best about living in Palos Verdes.  My answer was not as concise and to the point as I would have liked.  Later, I found myself thinking about the very legitimate [...]

October 2015

On the Hunt for a Palos Verdes Home? Tips from Norma Toering, Broker

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  Beginning your journey to purchase a new residence can be an odyssey filled with excitement, disappointment and even a bit a mystery.  Bumps in the road, setbacks and the occasional hiccup will be encountered along the way.  There will be moments of sheer joy when you find "The One,"  only to be followed by moments of doubt and even cold feet when it is time to sign the contract binding you to 30 years of monthly payments, or review a 60-page home inspection report. This is not a trip you want to embark upon alone.  Your experience will only [...]

June 2015

What Are Palos Verdes Sellers and Buyers Saying About Charlemagne Int’l Properties?

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Real estate customer service is not dead.  At least not at Charlemagne Int'l Properties located in Rolling Hills Estates, CA.  Although, one may wonder if calls are not returned and details are left unattended causing home owners to feel the weight of the myriad of details involved in selling a Palos Verdes property seem to rest solely on the seller's shoulders.  As one seller recently commented, "Who knew selling a house involved so many moving parts and so much time?"  At Charlemagne, we make every effort to reduce the stress and burden of selling your Palos Verdes property. "Thanks for [...]

May 2015

What’s the Value of a Palos Verdes View?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as is the value of a view.  This is one of the great puzzles of selling view homes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  We have a plethora of views.  There are varying degrees of views, there are up close and personal views and there are some homes with pastoral views (some buyers consider this a non-view when compared with a panoramic view).  What's an agent to do when asked to place a value on a view? The Views of Palos Verdes: The Queen's Necklace view is one of the most sought after on the [...]

Palos Verdes Home Prices

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I often write about the Palos Verdes luxury home market--those residences priced above $2,000,000.  Today,  let's look at Palos Verdes homes priced below $2,000,000: Rancho Palos Verdes has 70 single family detached homes priced at $2,000,000 or less currently for sale. Palos Verdes Estates has 15 single family homes priced at or under $2,000,000. Rolling Hills Estates has 9 single family homes for sale priced at or under $2,000,000. Palos Verdes Peninsula (the unincorporated areas of the Palos Verdes Peninsula) has 3 single family homes for sale priced at or under $2,000,000. Rolling Hills currently has no homes listed for [...]