August 2012

Buying or Selling with Norma Toering & Team–What’s in It for You?

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There are many moving parts in a real estate transaction. It takes a coordinated effort to close a sale. Let me echo the closing words of many newscasters, "You have many choices--thank you for choosing me."  It's true, every seller and buyer can select an agent from a variety of companies, with varying commissions and wide range of performance.  How do I impart my unique value?   After I share what I will do during the listing presentation I copy clients on many of the emails I send.  I don't copy them on every small detail, but I [...]

June 2012

The Luxury of Living in Palos Verdes

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    It does not matter where you live on the Palos Verdes Peninsula; living here is a luxury.  Mother Nature was in a very generous mood when bestowing her natural gifts upon this little peninsula that juts out majestically into the Pacific Ocean.  Ocean waves meet land with either a gentle lap on the sand or a crash against one of our many towering bluffs.   The lay of the land includes towering cliffs, deep canyons and rolling hills.  We may lack miles of sandy beaches (but the Beach Cities are blessed with a delightful stretch) but [...]

Why I Chose Palos Verdes 24 Years Ago

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    It was late December 1988.  My family and I lived in a gorgeous 1920s home with a guest house and tropical pool in the Old Northeast section of St. Petersburg, Florida.  My four children were happily ensconced in a top rated private school. I was one of the founding member of the Ballet Society, and life was humming along in the happy lane.  Naturally, it was time to move. I was a reluctant house hunter. I thought Los Angeles was a fun place to visit, not to live.  As the jet approached the Los Angeles area the [...]

May 2012

Palos Verdes–Discover the Appeal of Southern California’s Best Kept Secret Luxury Location

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Many Southern California communities enjoy worldwide recognition. Is there anyone in the USA who has not heard of Beverly Hills or Malibu? However, it is not unusual for people to stare with no sign of familiarity when I mention the Palos Verdes Peninsula. It's quiet here. We don't have street lights. You can see stars instead of neon at night. Around 'The Hill'  our street signs are small and kept to a minimum. There is nothing showy about the area, unless you consider panoramic ocean views, soaring hills dotted with coastal homes and a stellar school system entitles us to bragging [...]

February 2012

The Value of a Palos Verdes View

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as is the value of a view. This is one of the great puzzles of selling view homes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. We have a plethora of views. There are varying degrees of views, there are up close and personal views and there are some homes with pastoral views (some buyers consider this a non-view when compared with a panoramic view). What's an agent to do when asked to place a value on a view?   The Views of Palos Verdes: The Queen's Necklace view is one of the most sought [...]

The Palos Verdes Ocean View Collection

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Palos Verdes luxury homes are plentiful.  There is no shortage of ocean view properties due to miles of coastline and the hilly topography.   After all, Palos Verdes is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean.  Naturally, the variety of water view homes vary from unobstructed panoramic to peek-a-boo views.  Generally speaking, the value of the view increases along with its breadth and depth.  Degrees matter when it comes to assessing the value of your Palos Verdes view. Many luxury home buyers in Palos, and the surrounding beach cities, want to see the Pacific Ocean they pay a premium to live near.  [...]

100 Reasons to Call Palos Verdes Home

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This is going to be a long list, and I'm only going to scratch the surface, so let's get started.  The list is in no particular order--just the way it popped into my head after living in the area since 1989. The Palos Verdes Peninsula is a 26.3 square mile area located in the southwest corner of Los Angeles County. The Peninsula is 23 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. 1)   The Climate:   Average temperature in January--66 degrees.  Average temperature in July--77 degrees. 2)   The Coastal Location:  It's the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean kisses three sides 24/7. 3)   The [...]