October 2017

Beach Cities Residential Income Property Report 2017

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Let's begin with 2017 residential income listings and sales in Redondo Beach. Active Listings: There are currently nine residential income properties for sale in Redondo Beach ranging in price from $1,595,000 to $7,200,000. Pending Sales:  Nine Redondo Beach income properties are in escrow with accepted offers. 2017 Sales Y-T-D:  44 Redondo Beach residential income property sales were recorded as of 10/26/2017 per MLS records.   Hermosa Beach Residential Income Report for 2017: Active Listings:  There are seven Hermosa Beach residential income properties listed for sale ranging in price from $1,659,000 to $5,195,000. Pending Sales:  Two Hermosa Beach residential income properties are [...]

August 2017

Investing in Southern CA Condos and Vacation Property

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Are you considering purchasing real estate as an investment? If so, you might want to consider buying a waterfront condo or perhaps a vacation property in the desert or mountains. Southern Californians are fortunate to have the coast, the mountains, and the desert within a two to three-hour drive. That's still close enough to visit (or vacation) if the need or desire arises. Condos do have the added convenience and expense of Homeowners Associations.  HOAs serve as a third-party watchdog for owners. They also reduce the number of maintenance responsibilities owners must bear. Unlike a single-family home or a multi-family apartment [...]

July 2017

Luxury Apartment Living in the South Bay of Los Angeles

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I have a client who is in the market to invest approximately $5MM in real estate. He is selling a commercial building and wants to roll the proceeds over into another property. Simple enough. The dilemma he faces is where to make a long term investment that will require minimum management but provide a decent return on investment. Retail seems like a high-risk venture with the disruption online shopping is creating in the industry. Will gas stations become a thing of the past as the 21st-century advances? As the economic climate changes so do an investors' goals and guidelines. One [...]

March 2017

South Bay of L.A. Income Property Update March 2017

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Beach Cities Coastline As the first quarter of 2017 comes to an end I thought it was time to see how income property sales and listing are shaping up. Are prospective buyers on hold until the new tax laws come into effect, or are buyers shopping to lock in interest rates before the inevitable rate hikes? Like most local real estate markets, residential income property continues to contend with low inventory. 2-4 Unit properties continue to be the most popular with buyers. Financing is most attractive for the 2-4 unit properties; when purchasing five or more units the [...]

2017 Real Estate Changes and Updates for California

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I attended the Palos Verdes Board of Realtors March Breakfast meeting yesterday. Although breakfast was delicious, my primary reasoning for being there was to hear Gov Hutchison, California Association of Realtors’ attorney, speak regarding trends and changes reflected in California laws and real estate forms. Here are the latest updates:  There’s a new bedbug form. Yes, those little critters have arrived in our Golden State.  The new disclosure form states landlords must disclose if the property was inspected for bedbugs, and if so, the results of said inspection.  Tenants must tell landlord if the rental property becomes infected; landlord must [...]

February 2017

Income Units in the South Bay of Los Angeles

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  Income units are located throughout the South Bay of Los Angeles.  Here is an update on the number of income properties currently for sale in a few of the cities in the South Bay: Redondo Beach currently has nine income properties for sale. Hermosa Beach has 2, and Manhattan Beach has 11. Torrance has 15 and Lomita has 3. San Pedro has 33 and Palos Verdes Peninsula has 0.   What is a top agent's value? #normatoering #palosverdes #charlemagneinternationalproperties #sellingyourhome #sellertips A post shared by Norma Toering (@normatoering) on Nov 29, 2016 at 9:49am PST For more information on [...]

Landlord Life–Is It For You?

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Owning income property is not for everyone.  Sometimes it feels like the odds are stacked against you.  Like most other life endeavors it is a good fit for some people and a nightmare for others.  Sometimes a mismatch occurs due to personality, and other times it happens due to personal circumstances.  For instance, a childless couple began acquiring rental fix-up properties early in their marriage.  It was a shared desire to build real estate wealth, and weekends spent at Home Depot pouring over kitchen sinks and paint chips allowed them to spend time pursuing a mutual interest. Those Home Depot [...]

November 2016

Beach Cities Residential Income Property Report–November 2016

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The South Bay of Los Angeles is popular with landlords for a variety of reasons; perhaps the top one being real estate prices are high, and that supports an ever-growing pool of renters.  The Beach Cities of Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan are prime coastal locations for residential income properties. It's a lifestyle many aspire to and although the purchase prices are high there are a surprising number of rentals available near the beach.     Let's begin with a market update for Redondo Beach's residential income properties: 8 Residential income properties are currently for sale in Redondo Beach. 6 Redondo [...]

October 2016

October 2016 Income Property Market Report for South Bay of L.A.

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  From the Beach Cities to the Los Angeles Harbor in San Pedro, here is your residential income October 2016 Report. There are 132 income units listed for sale in the South Bay.  77  units are in escrow, which indicates a very active market and less than two months of available supply. Two to four unit building still dominate the available market in the South Bay at approximately 75% of the local apartments for sale. Available income units by city (non-compliant units are not reflected) Palos Verdes – 0 ( A PV condo is listed in this category, but it is [...]

September 2016

Coastal South Bay of Los Angeles Income Property Market Report

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Here's a September 2016 update on sales and listings of residential income properties for several South Bay of Los Angeles coastal cities: Redondo Beach:  11 Residential Income properties are currently listed for sale.  Year-to-date 22 Redondo Beach income properties have sold per MLS records. Hermosa Beach:  22 Hermosa Beach income properties closed escrow YTD per MLS records.  There are seven Hermosa Beach residential income properties currently listed for sale. Manhattan Beach:  13 Manhattan Beach income properties closed escrow in 2016 as of September 13.  There are 12 Manhattan Beach residential income properties listed for sale. Torrance:  15 Residential Income properties [...]