September 2014

Moving from Summer to Fall in Palos Verdes–Contrasts in Color

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Autumn is a subtle season in Southern California.  After living here for several years I decided to pay less attention to the calendar's proclamation of its arrival, and more attention to the signs and signals from Mother Nature.  Since Jack Frost is an infrequent visitor we do not receive the brilliant vegetation colors that follow a first frost. As a matter of fact, September often feels more like summer and our coat-free days can last well into December. A lone leaf from a deciduous tree on the constant green (as long as its watered) lawn offers up an early sign [...]

August 2014

Your Home–The Happiness Factor

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How much does your home contribute to your overall happiness?  Possibly, more than you might think.  On the other hand, all the things you think you need in a home in order to be happy may far outnumber the things actually required to send your happiness level over the top.  For example, this lion caught snoozing in the sunshine at the LA Zoo, found the sunny spot in his lair and he appears quite content to soak up the happiness it brings him. Last weekend a conversation with Son Number Two segued off to a discussion on happiness.  He remarked [...]

Stretching to Keep the Sun on Your Face

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I snapped this photo at the LA Zoo Saturday.  As we observed the lion stretching his head to reach the sunshine, it reminded me we often have to make adjustments "to keep the sun shining on our face."  Whether it be a job relocation, a new job or new responsibilities with a current employer, change, adjustment and yes, often stretching is needed to adapt to our ever-changing world and personal circumstances. The photo is apropos for the real estate reality several of my clients are facing.  One family needs a larger home for their growing family, but they are willing [...]

June 2014

June Gloom Is Still Beautiful

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The Palos Verdes Peninsula is often enveloped in a coat of coastal fog during the morning hours in June.  The fog often hangs around until noon or so then is banished by the sunshine.  Some people are happy to see June replaced by sunnier Jul,y but I enjoy the coastal clouds even when they are close enough to the ground to be considered fog. Photos taken on a gray day, especially of the ocean, reflect the weather condition of the day, often in an unexpected way.  I snapped this photo while walking along the ocean's edge in Rancho Palos Verdes. [...]

Yes, We Have Beaches in Palos Verdes

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Palos Verdes is not famous for its beaches.  After all, the Beach Cities of the South Bay of Los Angeles are right next door.  They have miles of sand and we really can't compete with them in the beach department. We do have a few beaches in Palos Verdes along with miles and miles of some of the most stunning bluffs and coves you will find in Southern California. If your enjoy the coastal lifestyle, but not necessarily life at the beach, Palos Verdes may be the perfect place to begin your quest to find a coastal home close to the water, but a world away from [...]

Giving Back Since 1994

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I had to go way back in my real estate career archives to find this one!  As I recall, I pledged to donate 10% of all commissions earned during the month of November 1994 to the local food drive.  I had a productive month and was more than happy to share my good fortune with the less fortunate. My philosophy has always been to give back to the community where I work and live.  I believe my check made up more than 50% of the amount donated by local Realtors that month, hence the photo opportunity to spread the word. The photo, [...]

May 2014

Two Natural Beauties–Palos Verdes Lifestyle

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I'm constantly reminded how fortunate I am to live in the naturally beautiful coastal area of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  The Pacific Oceans gifts us with gentle breezes, rhythmic waves and an enviable year-round temperate climate.  Yes, occasionally we must tolerate the hot, dry Santa Ana winds, as we are at the moment with our 100 degree temperatures and 3% humidity, but it's usually only a few days until the winds reverse, and once again roll in off the ocean offering relief and a return to the weather we're accustomed to enjoying. I love the open spaces, the hiking and [...]

March 2014

Windows Inside and Out

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I love windows.  They allow light and fresh air to enter our homes and add architectural interest to the home's design.  I snapped this photo while visiting Monet's home and gardens in Giverny, France.  Of course I took photos of the gardens and home but I was not too surprised when this particular shot turned out to be one of my favorites. The placement of windows in a home is very important and can add or subtract value to the home. A home with too many windows may present a challenge for furniture arrangement, and a home with too few [...]

February 2014

Monet Moment on Palos Verdes Walk

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I must admit I think Monet's Giverny garden is one of the loveliest places on earth, but his paintings capture something a bit more ethereal.  It is as if one is viewing the world through the light fog of pastel colored glasses.  That was the feeling I had as I rounded the bend on yesterday's morning walk on the trails at Trump Nation Golf Course on my way to walk along the beach near Portuguese Bend Beach Club in search of a few more pieces of sea glass to add to my collection. Although our photo file of the Palos Verdes [...]

Are You Ready to Pounce on the Right House?

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I just returned from a lovely "bush experience" in the wilds of Botswana,  Zimbabwe and  the tamer territory of Cape Town.  I tried to leave my real estate mind far behind in California, but I couldn't help but notice a few similarities between the bush and the sellers and buyers I left behind.   An animal may stalk his prey of choice for hours or even days.  He lies in wait until the most opportune moment presents itself.  Then, with no hesitation, and with lightning speed, he pounces, chases, fights or whatever it takes to succeed and achieve his goal. [...]