October 2016

Palos Verdes Real Estate Market Update – Oct. 2016

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The overall single-family home market on the Palos Verdes Peninsula remains robust and steadfastly entrenched in a sellers' market as we head into the autumn months of 2016. However, sales of luxury properties priced above $3,000,000 are in a neutral market after tipping toward a buyers' market during the late summer of 2016.  Yes, there are markets within markets and it's important to know where your property falls and what is happening within that particular sub-market. I try to make it easy for my clients and customers to track trends in the local Palos Verdes real estate market. Very few [...]

June 2016

Luxury Homes Need Exterior Luxury Appeal Or Buyers Will Drive On By

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    The luxury home market offers many upscale properties with impeccable interior design and space.  That's to be expected in the upper echelon price range of luxury homes in Greater Los Angeles. However, it is often the exterior living space that seals the sale. For example, earlier this week Josh and I checked out a listing teetering on the cusp of the luxury home price range in Palos Verdes.  "It doesn't look like a luxury home." Those were Josh's words as we pulled up to the curb and prepared to embark on another new listing home tour.  Josh's comment did not [...]

May 2016

Curb Appeal – Maximize Your Home Value

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  Is your home ready for its closeup? The "Fifteen Seconds of Fame" rule certainly applies to selling your home since nearly 50% of prospective buyers drive by their favorite properties BEFORE they schedule an appointment to tour the home with their real estate agent. Yes, that's right. After locating your home on the Internet and deciding it is in the right price range and the right neighborhood many buyers will check it out from the curb. Sellers, you can either win them here or lose them. Over the years, we've had many buyers eliminate a home from our show [...]

Big Baskets Sold My First House

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  Just in case any of you sellers think this agent does not empathize with the trials and tribulations of selling a property occupied by people and pets, my first experience selling a property was from the seller's perspective. Let me introduce you to the cast of characters who played leading roles in my first real estate sale. One was a seven-month pregnant woman (me), and let's not forget the two-year-old who never napped. Just to complete the picture, there was a dog who hated strangers and was still trying to master the art of relieving himself outdoors--thank heavens for [...]

March 2016

Sellers, There’s a Buyer Looking For Your Door

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A Cotswold Door--England 2010 As a Palos Verdes real estate agent and broker / owner of Charlemagne Int'l Properties, I spend much of my time opening and closing doors. Sometimes for sellers when showing their property, and sometimes for buyers when showing other agent's listings. Recently, as we waited for buyers to arrive at the final walk-through inspection, a car stopped, and the would-be buyers asked if they could see the house my son was in the process of unlocking. "I'm sorry, it's sold," Josh replied just as our buyers arrived. "Do you have any more?" The disappointed [...]

August 2015

Palos Verdes Luxury Home Sales and Listings–August 2015

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  There are 201 single family homes for sale in Palos Verdes, and 46 of those residences are priced at or above $3,000,000. Those numbers back up my decision to raise the price bar from $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 on residences I "designate"  luxury properties on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  There's no question the real estate recovery is complete and sales are robust in all four cities in Palos Verdes. Here's a snapshot of July real estate activity in the luxury market on the Palos Verdes Peninsula: Sales:  Eight single family Palos Verdes homes sold at or above $3,000,000.  Four of [...]

Palos Verdes Real Estate Market Update–August 2015

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Whether you are selecting a Palos Verdes Realtor to sell your home or help you purchase a home on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, it's equally important the person you select possess both knowledge of the area and the experience to give you the highest and best representation. In our opinion, there's no better way to know the market than to keep your eyes on the market by analyzing real estate statistics (listings, pending sales and closed sales) each month.  Such knowledge benefits sellers, buyers and the agent.  It is equally important to be able to decipher what those numbers are [...]

July 2015

I Turned Down a Luxury Listing

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I guess I'm not a "Yes" broker. Yesterday I said "No" to listing a luxury home in the South Bay of Los Angeles. At least for the time being. Don't get me wrong this luxury listing agent loves to hang our real estate sign on the lawns of Los Angeles luxury homes. As the broker-owner of a boutique real estate company I always strive to be open to new business opportunities, it's just as important to know when and where to establish "no-go" boundaries. In this case the property's view is a winner, the location is better than good (not [...]

Ready to Sell Your Los Angeles Luxury Home, But Worried About Taxes?

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Charlemagne Int'l Properties can help you make a money-wise move when it's time to downsize. 310.493.8333   Not only is the task of selling your longtime primary residence somewhat overwhelming due to the sheer physicality of the task, downsizing seniors must also consider the potential property tax implications. If you're remaining in Los Angeles County, or one of the cooperating counties, there is light at the end of the life-disrupting downsizing tunnel. It's up to your accountant and estate attorney to help you with the IRS, but as your real estate broker I can assist you with the [...]

Need a Top Agent to Sell Your Palos Verdes Home–Norma Toering & Josh Toering Are the BEST!

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If you're in the market to find a top Palos Verdes real estate agent to sell your Palos Verdes property the choices can be daunting with so many agents and real estate companies to consider. The agent you choose to list and sell your residence is one of the top two most important decisions you will make during the entire real estate transaction. The other one is pricing the property. The best real estate agents can help you make pricing the property simple with their knowledge of the local market, past experience, negotiating expertise and awareness of current real estate [...]