Piggy Bank

It may not sound like much, but yesterday while reviewing a final closing statement for a buyer a little red flag was hoisted regarding a quarterly bill that was to be split between buyer and seller based on the close of escrow date.  A quick review of the bill confirmed the error. It wasn’t much but hey, $50 is $50 dollars.

Many buyers and sellers are inundated with documents, forms, instructions and disclosures requiring their approval during the transaction.  By the time the estimated closing statement arrives they are thrilled the end is in sight and often glance over the statement and sign it.  This is no time to let your guard down.  Many “hands” touch the transaction and it’s good to have an ample supply of “eyeballs” review the closing statement.

It’s not the amount that matters; it’s letting the client know you have their back and are paying attention to the details, even the small ones.

– Norma (310) 493-8333