Pasadena Global Conference

Josh and I attended a global real estate conference in Pasadena yesterday.  We often work with international clients from around the world, and were eager to be informed about current trends and other useful information we can apply to our business at Charlemagne Int’l Properties.

A few facts and trends I noted:

1)  Chinese clients make up 40% of the international buyers in Los Angeles

2)  Ten percent of real estate buyers in California are residents of China (2013 statistics)

3)  Cash buyers are the driving force behind higher real estate prices in many California neighborhoods.


Charlemagne Int’l Properties closed several sales with Chinese and other international buyers during the past few years.  We are currently working with several international buyers from various parts of the planet.  If you’re in the market to purchase a home in Los Angeles and surrounding area, it would be our pleasure to help you achieve your Southern California real estate goals.