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Listing your home in 2014?

Congratulations, you’ve decided 2014 is the year to sell your home.  The big reveal is circled on the calendar and work is underway in preparation for your home’s big day.  Soon, a parade of real estate agents and their prospective buyer will parade and prance through the halls and rooms of your once private abode with thoughts of who they will show and sell it to, or whether this is the one house they will call home.  It’s up to you and your agent to make the most of this chance to impress agents and buyers.

No pressure here.  Your goal, and your home’s, is to appear as cool, calm and collected as a bride on her wedding day even though she spent a year planning the event.  Good things take time and help. Perhaps you need painters, gardeners and stagers to help you whip your home into its best show ready condition.  Team effort is important and as the saying goes, “It takes a village to sell a house.”  Okay, I put my own spin on it, but multiple heads and hands are needed to prepare a home for sale.

My advice is do not rush to market.  Take your time and do it right as there are dollars in the details. Discerning eyes will notice a sloppy paint job, cluttered closets and deferred maintenance.  If your situation permits, slow down and do it right the first time.  It is better to miss your target listing date than lose a sale due to unfinished or sloppy improvements.

Every big event, whether a wedding, dinner party or the premiere of a new listing, requires time and effort.  The idea is to make it appear seamless, but in truth it takes pre-planning and lots of work by the seller, the listing agent and their supporting staff to generate the interest and industry buzz needed to launch a new listing.

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