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Recently a buyer I’m working with commented about the lack of photos of a particular home of interest to her.  Since this particular buyer is contemplating listing her home this spring she is following the listing and sales of homes in her neighborhood with a watchful eye.  She noted after several days on the market the MLS (and other real estate sites) still had only a single exterior photo of the property.  The lack of photos on new listings is certainly not in the best interest of the seller as interested buyers often pour over the photos long before they drive past the property or call a real estate professional to arrange a showing.  

Studies show most buyers look at the photographs before they read the list of amenities.  If the photos do not measure up, or are simply not there, chances are high the buyer will simply move on to the next listing.  Buyers are an impatient group once they decide they are on the hunt for a new home.  They have no time to return to the site days later to check for new photos.  On the other hand, if there are no pictures of the kitchen most buyers (and agents) will assume it is in dire need of a remodel.  If there are no photos of the back yard, view or other important features of the property buyers may make a quick judgement and move on.

As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words, and to a seller they may certainly be worth thousands of dollars.  Make sure the photos of your home show your property in its best light, and are present in abundant number as soon as the property is presented to the world of waiting prospective buyers.  You know what they say about first impressions.  Many buyers will not return to give your property a second chance.  Your home must be be photogenic from the curb to the closets day one in order to maximize your marketing efforts.

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Photo above taken by a professional photographer used by Norma Toering and Team.