3130 Hermosa - Front elevation

Today I’ll be showing my luxury home listing at 3130 Hermosa Avenue, Hermosa Beach, and it’s located only 70 steps from the surf and sand.  I promised the prospective buyer an in-depth analysis of what’s happening in the Hermosa Beach Sand Section since he is relatively new to the area, I will start from ground zero and walk him through the macro and micro real estate stories of this charming little beach town located next door to Manhattan Beach.

Let’s examine the big picture first.  Per Zillow’s statistics, Hermosa Beach real estate increased a whopping 20.5 percent from April 2012 to April 2013.  This is a market on the rise.  The luxury home market in Hermosa turns over at a slower pace than surrounding homes priced under $2,000,000 as there is a larger supply of buyers for the less expensive homes.

The prestige of living on The Strand (Hermosa’s ocean front homes) is undeniable, but one must also expect a certain loss of privacy when living adjacent to a public beach.  The ongoing revelry of beach activities often last far into the night.  3130 Hermosa Avenue’s location across the street from The Strand is preferred by many, including the current owners.  The beach is a few steps away, the view is spectacular, especially from the rooftop deck, and when they go home the crowd stays at the beach.  Now that is a beach lifestyle to envy!

Three Sand Section Hermosa Beach luxury homes priced at $4,500,00 or above sold during the past 12 months. The highest price:  $6,447,500 for a home located on The Strand.  Four luxury homes are currently for sale in the same price bracket ranging from $5,000,000 (my listing) to $15,900,000.  One Sand Section home is in escrow. The walk-street pending sale property list price:  $4,900,000.

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