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Homes in Cape Town, South Africa

As I peered out the bus window during a tour of an exceptionally colorful street in Cape Town, South Africa, my thoughts turned to how very important it is for our homes to present a picture to the outside world of who we are and how we express our individuality to those we know and those simply passing by.  Of course, culture, location and economics all play a role in the homes we occupy.

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African Village Home

From the simple huts of Africa with hand-painted art adorning the exterior walls to the ornate gates of Beverly Hills, we design and decorate our homes in the styles that please us as well as allowing others a small peek into the windows of our souls.

House hunting involves so much more than simply finding four walls and a roof for shelter from the elements.  Whether humble or haute, cottage or castle, it becomes a home and tells a story about the people who live within the walls and under the roof.

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Homes in Cape Town, South Africa

Every buyer comes to the house hunting task with a history and expectations of what they hope the process will yield.  Some are looking for continuation of past styles and locations, others desire to break with the styles or size of past abodes and begin a new way of life.  Some are looking for homes that remind them of homes past, other wish to step into untested waters.

170 Luxury homes along the Palos Verdes coastline

Luxury Homes in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Like many people, I remember the stages of my life by the house I lived in at the time.  From first homes to retirement homes the places we live certainly help tell the stories of our life.  Life events often present us with the need or opportunity to begin a new chapter in a new home.

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