An ornate door


I recycled this post first published in 2008 after checking available homes for buyers flying into LA this week.  Nine, yes only nine, homes meet their specific criteria.  I’m sure we will have a home in escrow before they leave town.  Maybe it will be your home if it’s fortunate enough to make their short list.  These particular prospective buyers have low tolerance for overpriced, cluttered and neglected properties.  My best advice is to perfect and polish your property before you present it to prospective buyers.  Make every showing an invitation to purchase the property.

Next week I’ll be showing a Palos Verdes buyer who wants a one level home with no stairs-no step down living room, or steps up or down to the garage. I previewed several one levels in search of a “step free” house.

After eight or nine houses they all began to look alike. I found myself making notes such as “granite kitchen and stainless appliances” on many, and “original condition” on several others. I returned to the office uninspired and more than likely my client will have a similar response to the look alike one levels.

Sellers, what makes your house stands out from the crowd? Is it:

Captivating from the curb?


Priced right?


Easy to show?

Move in condition?

Buyers look at many houses; they buy only one. Present your property in its most favorable light. Peeling and faded paint will be viewed as a future expense. Ditto for the worn and stained carpet I saw in several of the homes I previewed.  Buyers have lots of choices, so make a big first impression. More than likely you will not get a second chance.  Opportunities are famous for rarely knocking on the same door twice.