Grandkids at PV Beach

Norma Toering & Team specializes in luxury homes, vacation homes and income property.  Yesterday was a banner day for our business specialties.  We had a strong showing on our luxury home listing in Hermosa Beach, our offer on an eight unit apartment building was accepted (after 30 long days of negotiations, rejection and finally resurrection–I’m tenacious), and we wrote an offer for a second home in a private beach community.  I won’t mention the sleep I did not get, as I spent my evening into the night hours negotiating the beach house offer as well as an offer received on vacant land.  Ahh yes, it does remind me of the pre-recession housing market and it’s good to have it back.

My real estate niche specialties evolved over time.  Gradually more of my clients from years past moved up to larger homes and I became knowledgeable about the luxury home market in Palos Verdes and the beach cities of Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo. A few years later many of the same clients decided they wanted a weekend or summer place either in the desert, the mountains or most popular, the beach.  Their expanding real estate collection often included the addition of income producing properties to their investment portfolio.

My clients are often the catalyst for my expanding real estate horizons and expertise.  My knowledge about rent control, cap rate, internal rate of return and so much more was client driven in order to help them make savvy income property investments.  I attended a three day luxury home seminar in order to be up to date on marketing luxury homes internationally.  When a client wanted to purchase a home in the desert I spent a weekend attending open houses in 110 degree weather–call me crazy, but after studying the comparable sales and listings online, viewing photos and locating them on Google Maps, I still wanted to see the homes with my eyes.

I owe my clients a big thank you for helping me expand my real estate knowledge and business.  I’m not sure where this business will take me next, but I’m an adventurer so I’m eagerly anticipating the next new avenue I’ll venture down in real estate land.

— Norma (310) 493-8333