PV Beach Club in Palos Verdes Estates

Unlike the public’s perception of taking million dollar listings and selling mega homes all day long, the majority of the calls this real estate professional receives are consumers with questions, past clients with requests and all too often a salesperson hyping the next great tool or magical marketing technique for real estate agents.

Today’s To Do List prompted this post.  Yes, I hope to hear a prospective buyer wants to submit an offer on a new listing we discussed yesterday, but most of my day will be spent providing “free” real estate related services along with some educational marketing efforts. I see my job description as being a service provider and educator–“selling” is way down the list. There is an appraisal to review for a client applying for a construction loan, a recommendation for a kitchen remodel request from a soon-to-be seller who found my blog, review of easements on a commercial lot for a past client and the list goes on.  It is my philosophy that each question answered and each problem solved increases my value to consumers and clients.  There is no better way to broaden and deepen your business base than establishing youself as the “go to” professional with all things real estate related.

Although these calls have nothing to do with what I will be selling today they will have a positive effect on my business tomorrow.  Not every caller wants to buy or sell today.  Tomorrow, who knows?

– Norma (310) 493-8333