Many Southern California communities enjoy worldwide recognition. Is there anyone in the USA who has not heard of Beverly Hills or Malibu? However, it is not unusual for people to stare with no sign of familiarity when I mention the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

It’s quiet here. We don’t have street lights. You can see stars instead of neon at night.

Around ‘The Hill’  our street signs are small and kept to a minimum. There is nothing showy about the area, unless you consider panoramic ocean views, soaring hills dotted with coastal homes and a stellar school system entitles us to bragging rights.

The Palos Verdes Peninsula is a unique place to live. Surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean and situated high on a hill above the flat lands below, the views are varied and breathtaking. Aside from the stunning topography and serene location I believe the views are unsurpassed in the Los Angeles area, and one of the primary reasons residents come to Palos Verdes and rarely leave.

A few of the many amenities the Palos Verdes Peninsula offers its residents are:

The Climate: San Diego lays claim to “the perfect climate” but in my opinion, Palos Verdes is as close to perfect as this former midwestern woman ever needs. Marine air from the open sea bathes the area with gentle ocean breezes and moderate temperatures throughout the year. Only a few winter days require bundling up “Back East Style” and on a few summer days Santa Ana winds bring a dry heat reminiscent of the desert. Coastal fog makes its appearance periodically and yes, we have a few rainy days, but all in all those sunshine filled days you see in the movies are the real deal.

The Schools: Peninsula residents are justifiably proud of the Palos Verdes Unified School District that serves all four cities and unincorporated areas of Palos Verdes. Test scores are consistently in the top 10% of all California schools and approximately 90% of the student body goes on to higher education upon graduation.

The Location: Owning a home on the Palos Verdes Peninsula ensures you will be close enough to Los Angeles to enjoy all the advantages of living near a major metropolitan area, yet so very far removed from the daily hustle and bustle of urban congestion.

The Views: The homes of Palos Verdes enjoy some of the most spectacular views in the Los Angeles area. The variety of views include panoramic ocean, Catalina Island, Los Angeles Harbor, city lights, coastline, whitewater, mountains and the coveted Queen’s Necklace view. Buying a home on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is a wonderful adventure. There are a variety of neighborhoods, four separate cities and a wide variety of styles and prices. Welcome, and enjoy your search for a home on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

The Homes: The homes of Palos Verdes range in price from under one million to multi-million dollar estates on ocean front lots. There are villas in the hills, equestrian properties in Rolling Hills and beach houses in the Portuguese Bend area. Luxury homes are scattered throughout the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

The Estates at Trump National offers new homes with ocean views and Terranea Resort offers new second homes by the sea. If you’re looking for a coastal lifestyle, Palos Verdes will not disappoint.

I hope this article aids in your house hunting quest. When you’re ready to start viewing homes it would be my pleasure to help you find the property of your dreams in Palos Verdes.