Palos Verdes Walk by the Ocean

Okay, apparently the word is out; Palos Verdes is a fabulous place to have a second home.  In the past, I’ve sold a few second homes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, but usually to locals in need of a little cottage by the sea or a condo to stash guests, in-laws, children ready to launch a career and so forth.

The trend I’m observing this year varies a tad; the buyers are from Los Angeles County, but from interior locales and desire a home along the coast.  Perhaps I’m pushing it to say “new trend” as year-to-date Norma Toering & Team sold two properties meeting the above criteria.  One buyer discovered Palos Verdes while attending a business function at Terranea.  The other was lured by the pull of the ocean after being introduced to the area by a friend.

Now comes the blogging plug–both buyers found me as a result of my incessant praise about the Palos Verdes Lifestyle on my various blogs and website.  Never doubt consistency has it rewards.  Today, I received an invitation to attend a book release party at a local coastal home because, “…as a prominent local blogger we’d love to have you come by for photos and a write up?”  Interesting timing, as last night I finished a novel, so I’m ready for a new book, and I’m always hungry for new blogging fodder.  Sometimes, things just fall into place.

– Norma (310) 493-8333