Private Stables in Palos Verdes

Equestrian property buyers often want to see the horse facilities before they tour the home; they know if the property does not work for their horses the place is not for them.  Consequently, I often employ a reverse showing schedule by checking out the barn or stables, access to trails, riding rings and such before opening the front door of the house.  The priorities of the horse owners often place equine needs above human ones.  As one prospective buyer told me,  “I can always remodel a house, but I can’t put a riding trail behind it.”

Access to riding trails is always a prime prerequisite when shopping for Palos Verdes horse property.  Especially with many former horse friendly neighborhoods evolving into areas with very few horses and even fewer trails.  Many properties zoned for horses are far removed from well-tended riding trails.  The concentration of horse properties in Palos Verdes remains centered in Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, the unincorporated area of Westfield and pockets of Rancho Palos Verdes such as the Portuguese Bend neighborhood along Palos Verdes South.

25 Years ago when I first moved to Palos Verdes it was not uncommon to see riders meandering along the curves of Palos Verdes Drive East.  Slowly over the years that sight has become a rarity.  Although many east side properties are zoned equestrian the logistics of riding in the area is difficult due lack of riding trails compared to the number and length of trails available along the Palos Verdes Drive North corridor and within the gated city of Rolling Hills.

Some Palos Verdes residents board their horse at one of the local stables or rent a stall in a private stable as many properties in the “horsey” areas of Palos Verdes include a stable but many homeowners no longer, or never did, own a horse.  This can be a wonderful solution for weekend riders or those who live in an area not zoned for horses.  I receive several calls per year regarding renting a stable and suggest the caller check neighborhood bulletin boards in the Dapplygray area of Rolling Hills Estates and the local feed store located at the intersection of Palos Verdes Drive North and Rolling Hills Road.  It is not unusual to see the occasional “Stable for Rent” sign while driving through equestrian neighborhoods.

The temperate climate and coastal views, coupled with the hills and canyons of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, enhance the enjoyment of equestrian pursuits.  It is quite possible to ride for the better part of a day and never use the same trail twice.  One of my clients said a two-hour ride on the trails of Rolling Hills was his favorite way to  start the day.  When your horse and trails are just steps from your door it is easy to imagine living the equestrian lifestyle in Palos Verdes.  We can help you fulfill your desire to own horse property in Palos Verdes.

Palos Verdes Equestrian Information:

The Palos Verdes Estates Stables in the Valmonte neighborhood

The Palos Verdes Estates Stables in the Valmonte neighborhood

Palos Verdes Stables – 4057 Via Opata,  Palos Verdes Estates – 310.378.3527

“Conveniently located to all of the beach cities, Palos Verdes Stables is a full service facility providing a tranquil setting for everything equestrian. With immediate access to miles of public trails explore the Palos Verdes Peninsula on one of our guided trail rides. Whatever level of rider, we can accommodate you. Our stable is open to the public and we  can provide lessons or training in all riding disciplines. Children are welcome and we offer children’s camps throughout the summer run by professional experienced trainers.”  (Excerpt from web site 2/13/2014)Boarding is available and special rates  apply for residents of Palos Verdes Estates.
Boarding Rates
Box Stalls                $560.00     Residents
$600.00     Non-Residents
In/Out Stalls          $565.00     Residents
$605.00    Non-Residents
Pipe Stalls               $510.00     Residents
$540.00     Non-Residents  (Price quote from website 2/13/14)
The Portuguese Bend Riding Club in Rancho Palos Verdes

The Portuguese Bend Riding Club in Rancho Palos Verdes

Portuguese Bend Riding Club – 40 Narcissa Drive,  Rancho Palos Verdes – Phone:  424.266.4387
Located in the gated neighborhood of Portuguese Bend, the Portuguese Bend Riding Club offers boarding, training and riding instructions.  Riding trails lace the bucolic neighborhood located high above the Pacific Ocean off Palos Verdes Drive South.  The Portuguese Bend Riding Club has an impressive list of facility amenities including three riding rings.
A Palos Verdes home with private riding ring.

A Palos Verdes home with private riding ring.

There are currently only 14 Palos Verdes properties listed as horse properties, and several of those although zoned for horses, do not have existing horse facilities.  Several of the properties have built tennis courts, guest houses and such where horses were once kept.  The price range is from just over $1.00,000 for a property in the Dapplegray neighborhood of Palos Verdes Estates to a $53,000,000 estate in Rolling Hills.
Here is a snapshot of Palos Verdes horse properties sold from January 2013 to present:
  • Rolling Hills Estates:  20 Properties zoned for horses sold.
  • Rolling Hills:  17 Properties zoned for horse sold.
  • Rancho Palos Verdes:  13 Horse property sales recorded.
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula:  5 Horse property sales recorded from January 2013 to present.
Norma Toering & Josh Toering

Norma & Josh Toering

For more information on Palos Verdes horse property for sale contact Norma at 310.493.8333 or Josh at 310.525.9440.  Emails are welcome.

Homes for sale in the horse property areas of Palos Verdes:

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