View in Palos Verdes

Many people move to Palos Verdes CA for the schools, others come for the coastal location, but I believe the strongest card the Palos Verdes Peninsula has to play is the VIEW CARD. It is a powerful little decision-maker when it is time to buy a house. Right now I have two couples searching for the perfect view. Fortunately, their idea of perfect is just enough different to keep both of them from coveting the same house.


One couple wants the wide open Pacific Ocean view with a bit of coastline, Catalina Island, cruise ships and a few lights at night. The other couple prefer a few more lights at night to keep the view alive 24/7. Of course, if the right house comes along and the view is a little off, most buyers will accept it as being close enough to perfect for them. The reverse is also true; if the view is right but the house is less than dreamy they are often willing to do a makeover on the house.


A phrase I often repeat when working with view clientele is, “Buy the view you want because you can’t put it in later.” A new kitchen is easy to add later, a view is another matter.