Walking by the river

2012 is slipping into the history book far too fast.  August already?  I’m on target with most of my work goals but it really is time to plan a little getaway, no, let me rephrase, another trip of a lifetime.  Yes, I booked a week in Paris and another few days of riding the rails through Switzerland (home to my paternal relatives) plus a few days lounging in the South of France.

Just booking the trip put a noticeable lilt in my voice and bounce in my step.  Yes, travel is my therapy of choice.  There is something about exploring the world and being reminded what a small piece of the big picture we are that completely trivializes the daily ups and downs of the real estate business.  As real estate agents, we constantly ‘do’ for others.  This, I do for myself.

Funny, but being away from my daily grind makes me appreciate it more.


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