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We’ve had some good times together, but the time has come for us to go our separate ways.  You’ll be moving on and I’ll stay behind. Yes, it’s true, you have outgrown me.  Before you walk away, here are a few hints to make our parting filled with more sweet than sorrow:


1.  Garage sale, Goodwill or Simply Give Stuff Away:  I don’t want to look like I’m bursting the seams of every room, closet and drawer.  So please help me lighten the load, look sleeker and more spacious by keeping only what fits. Once that excess baggage is gone you’ll be surprised at how roomy I can still look.

2.  Cover the Walls (and scuff marks, crayon marks and fingerprints) with a Fresh Coat of Paint:    Paint is to walls as Botox is to wrinkles. There’s nothing like fresh paint for an instant lift. Dollar for dollar it is one of the best pre-sale investments you can make.  Go neutral but not boring.  Think taupe, vanilla or milky white shades of paint.  Every room does not have to be  stark white.  Show off my best architectural features with a shade lighter or darker in the same color family.  After the painting is finished scrub, polish and shine the rest of the house. You may be surprised to discover your old house can still turn more than a few heads.

3.  Now Don’t Get Emotional, You Want Someone Else to Fall in Love with Me:  I know I’m looking so good you are having second thoughts about leaving, but you know in your heart we are no longer right for each other.  I appreciate your help in making me as attractive as possible for my next owner, but I know it serves you well too.  Your extra efforts will put more cash in your pocket at the closing table.  A house with curb appeal and interior pzazz will often sell sooner, and for more money, than a neglected “as is” wallflower.  You did the right thing and can leave with your head held high, plus the extra cash will come in handy when it’s time to dress up your new place.

4.  Deferred Maintenance Will Get You One Way or Another:  Fix it now, or pay later either with a cash credit or repairs prior to the close of escrow.  My roof is patched and showing its age and yes, those leaky faucets are still dripping away.  I’ll show and sell so much better with those problems gone.

 Ok, I see that admiring look in your eyes, you’re pretty pleased with my results aren’t you?

Together we were quite a team, and moving forward will be so much easier with a little effort before the “For Sale” sign goes in the ground.  Let’s part on the best of terms.