The bright lights of the big city are within easy reach of the coastal cities of Los Angeles.  It is nice to know one can indulge in world-class dining, museums, symphonies and such when the desire strikes, but it’s the little daily pleasures that accumulate into the huge benefit of living the coastal lifestyle in Southern California.  From early morning to lights out at night we are gifted with coastal influences.

Take the weather–the ocean influence keeps us from suffering the extreme heat of summer and the frigid winter temperatures endured by our inland friends.  If you want to experience some extreme weather snow-covered slopes or a day in the desert are only two hours away.  Your choice.

We are blessed with ocean breezes that cool not only our houses but also the sweat on our brows after a long workday.  One of my favorite ways to lose that frazzled feeling is to settle in on an ocean view patio with eyes open wide, a few deep breaths of salt water air and let the beauty sink in as the stress goes wherever it goes.  I’ve lived in the Midwest, on the east coast and in the south and nothing beats the coastal weather of Southern California.

Yes, we have earthquakes and traffic that can reduce the most stable person to gripping the steering wheel a little too tight and searching for surface streets to carry them away from the freeway snarl, but even with the threat of natural disaster lurking far below our feet in the deep crevices of the earth, and the tangle of freeways crisscrossing the landscape lying in wait to ensnare our cars, the coastal location offers us postcard views, heavenly weather and enviable recreation every day of the year.  It may not be perfect, but in my book this is as good as it gets.

Sunrise, sunset.  Make mine a coastal one, please.