beach walk 2014

The Rancho Palos Verdes beach below Trump National Golf Course was designated a dog-free beach after a major brouhaha between residents who wanted to allow dogs and those who wished to make it a dog-free beach.  Each group made valid points.

I remained a neutral dog owner, but I must admit multiple dogs running free reduced my desire to take my grandchildren to the beach for our beloved strolls and sea glass hunts.  I scheduled my own walks to avoid weekend morning when the beach looked more like an over-populated dog park than a pristine beach.

Recently, I was there with my two year old granddaughter, and although I didn’t see the dog behind us, my daughter snapped a photo and captured the canine rule-breaker.  At least the dog is on a leash.

That’s the problem with those tiny little eco-friendly signs–they are easy to miss and this guy and his pooch apparently walked right past them.

– Norma (310) 493-8333