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I recently read a terrific article, Huffington Post I think, about the importance of taking mini breaks throughout the work day.  It seems sitting for hours can shorten your life, stifle your creativity and increase the likelihood of gaining weight.  Not to gloat, but I was right about red wine and chocolate being good for you, and it seems my preference for the up and down, in and out lifestyle of a real estate agent might be good for me as well.

My stints at office work were short and thankfully so.  I’m not good at sitting still hour after hour. Obviously, all the stair climbing we do while previewing property for our clients is good for our heart health. Last Tuesday I counted the number of flights climbed (with the help of my iPhone 6) and there’s nothing wimpy about twelve flights of stairs.  Perhaps this is why real estate agents rarely retire, we too healthy and fit and do not want to exchange our jack-in-the-box lifestyle for the sedentary life on the sofa.

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