It is not hard to find a real estate agent.  We post signs all over the neighborhood when we hold an open house.  Our offices are scattered all over the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and whether you walk in or phone in, there is usually an agent on call to answer your questions.  If you’re hoping for more than potluck,  my suggestion is to ask trusted friends and family for recommendations.  Especially if they recently completed a real estate sale or purchase.

Once you have a name or two, it’s time to do a little online shopping.  Do a Google search on each agent of interest.  Check out their website and online presence.  Remember, if you are a seller, the buyer of your home will most likely begin her/his search on the Internet.  Today’s agents need to use a mix of local and global marketing to reach buyers whether those buyers are in the next county or another country.

Selling your Palos Verdes home is a big decision and involves much time and effort.  Agent choice will play a large role in your satisfaction or frustration level during the selling process.  Take the time to ask for referrals, research online and interview your top choices.  It will be time well spent.