A client recently asked the question, “What are the most desirable areas in Palos Verdes?”

My quick response was, “It depends on what you desire.”


Upon digging a bit deeper, she desires a quiet location and her husband likes the country feel and a bit of land to call his own.   Their wish list is compatible which means we are off to a good start.  Neither one wants to be too close to a busy street (traffic noise) nor know when their neighbors are coming and going.  That information alone allows me to eliminate some neighborhoods and focus on privacy and large lots.


Finding a home is often equated to finding a mate.  You need a general idea of what you want, but you must also be open to recognizing it when you meet.  Know your deal breakers, but be open to the unexpected to sweep you off your feet.  Sometimes an ugly duckling has the potential to blossom into a lovely swan with vision and appropriate changes.


The most desirable areas in Palos Verdes are determined by your wants and wallet.  How fortunate we are to offer equestrian estates, seaside villas, cottages by the sea, gated communities and so many other housing choices.  Choice is such an important element in selecting the best home for you and your family.


Finding a home is a very personal process.  Sometimes a compromise is required.  Sometimes the missing feature can be added, but a view or new location cannot be added after the fact.  Keep your deal breakers in mind, but allow your heart to play a part in the final choice.