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Most prospective buyers have preconceived ideas about what features they want in their next home.  Maybe it’s a gorgeous pool in the backyard or a gated entrance to their little piece of paradise.  A new home is often the fulfillment of a dream held close to the heart.  It may be a reward for hard-earned success and it is definitely a place to nest and retreat from the demands of daily life.  No wonder so many buyers want all their dream feathers ( or features) in place before they purchase their move-up residence.

Sometimes reality and dreams collide.  The home being sought is simply not on the market or it is just beyond the reach of the budget.  Compromise rarely plays a leading role in dreams but with a little creativity it can make reality easier to accept.

Your dream house is out there, but you may have to help construct it.  Prioritize the features and amenities needed and wanted in your next home.  Be careful about bending too far on location and view for those amenities are cast in stone.  You can’t add an ocean view later or remove commuter noise from a busy street.

Ugly wallpaper and neglected landscaping can vanish overnight.  Curb appeal and new flooring can be added.  New kitchen needed?  It may add a few weeks of inconvenience but who said realizing a dream would be handed to you on a silver platter?  A little sacrifice is often needed to turn dreams and goals into reality.  If the location, lot and layout work, adding your personal trimmings will give birth to your dream home.