I have a new listing hitting the market next week right after I return from a business trip to Austin.  This morning while lingering over breakfast, with pen in hand, I jotted down words that came to mind as I thought about the ad copy I need to write.


Luxurious is the first word that came to mind.  It is certainly that.  Of course it is coastal, custom and has an envious ocean view too.  It is elegantly understated with fabulous finishes from the floors to the ceilings. There is a brilliant balance between indoor and outdoor living space.


I’ve engaged a professional photographer, a graphic artist to design a property brochure and will have the floor plan sketched.  After all, we live in a visual world and photos tell the real online story.  Consumers will not bother reading the words if the photos do not capture their eye and interest.  Words are wonderful but the right photos are absolutely magical and essential.