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Answer: The Multiple Listing Service and the thousands of agents it reaches. It may be Old School but it is effective. Consider it the early predecessor to Facebook. As members of the same big network agents can see what other agents are listing and selling. We are privy to when a property goes under contract or when it fall out of contract. We know when a listing expires or is canceled. We post our open houses, both public and professional on the network. Although it’s been around for decades the MLS still packs a powerful punch in the business model for real estate.

Last week Norma Toering & Team posted two new listings. Within the hour there were two agent in our office with pen in hand and ready to call their clients. A showing ensued before the MLS Hotsheet of new listings cooled. That’s the chain reaction of an effective MLS. Seller, don’t even consider listing your property with an agent that does not belong to the MLS–your property needs to be there to gain full exposure to the market.

Coming in at second position, in my opinion, is the Internet and all the wonderful sub-tools this gigantic global network folds under its wings. As listing agents, our new listings fly through the sky at the speed of light. Our website IDX is waiting stealthily for a new contact request 24/7. If the thought of a new request from some distant shore will not roll you out of bed in the wee hours of the morning I don’t know what will. I confess I’m already a morning person, but I love the thrill of a new inquiry on one of my listings, or any listing, and I’m elated to see it morning, noon, or night. It’s my signal my marketing is working–I’m reaching people all over the world with news of property for sale in my local communities.

Sellers, make sure the agent you select to list you property is connected to Internet marketing in a very strong way. That’s where your buyer will most likely begin his search for a new home. Let Norma Toering & Team help you find your buyer.