Master suite or kitchen–what’s your purchase tipping point?  In Palos Verdes it is often neither.  It is the stunning views that often bring the “I must have this house” responses from prospective buyers.  Yesterday’s outing with a relocation buyer was no exception.  As we concluded our tour of his first trip to Palos Verdes he remarked, “This was great and very helpful.  I now know I must have a great view.”


We toured a variety of homes in a variety of neighborhoods.  His goal, and ours, was to show housing options on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  We looked at newer homes, older homes, homes with no views and homes with view that make you want to pose with sailboats in the background and email to friends and family with the overused but true, “Wish you were here.”


The job decision is still in the negotiation stage, but if accepted, the decision where to live is already made.  Mission accomplished.


The view did it.