Backyard of Luxury Home in Rancho Palos Verdes

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your Rancho Palos Verdes home, the next question is usually, “Where do I begin?”

As someone who has made many corporate moves, and as a real estate agent in Rancho Palos Verdes for over 20 years, I can help you with both the preparation of your home for sale and the presentation of you home once it is ready to hit the market.  If you’re anything like me, I always wanted my house to look as good as possible before I invited a real estate agent to give me a professional opinion of its current market value.  However, after a couple of decades in the business I realize engaging a real estate agent early in the preparation phase would have expedited the process.

Yes, it’s true, often the grunt work of ridding the house of years of accumulated “stuff” still falls on the homeowner, but a professional can advise what items to store, sell or donate, and what items should stay in order to achieve the highest price the market will bear.  A real estate pro can help transition the shift from homeowner to seller.  Engaging a professional staging company early in the preparation process is often the secret sauce needed to transform a home from ordinary to extraordinary.  I once staged the courtyard and patio of a home just begging for outdoor living enhancement.  The final effect was almost magical.  Prospective buyers no longer needed to imagine what the space could be, they could actually see the expanded living possibilities.  There is no doubt the time spent preparing a property for sale will impact the outcome.  Days on market can be shortened and net proceeds to the seller can be increased with wise use of time and money during the preparation process.

Selling a property is always a team effort, but never more so than when marketing a property still occupied by the owners.  The house is still a home, but it also is for sale and that entails some changes in attitude and behavior.  In a perfect world your agent will always notify you a day or so in advance of a showing.  In this perfect world your schedule will always be considered and appointments arranged so as to interrupt your life at the lowest level possible.  That is always our goal, but reality often offers up an entirely different scenario.  Buyers are in town for two days and must do a marathon race through available properties.  A busy professional has an unexpected afternoon available to see a few choice homes, and don’t forget the appointment must be scheduled around agent availability as well as buyer’s and seller’s.  It can get complicated.   Compromise and flexibility are important.

It is also important to select an agent early on so the pre-listing professional work can begin.  At Charlemagne International Properties we review title, and property tax information prior to listing the property.  Sometimes this involves a trip to city hall to review the property’s history.   There are photographs, floor plan sketches and a host of marketing efforts to roll out.  There are endless forms to complete along with inspections to juggle.  There is pricing to fine-tune and networking to begin.  It takes time and a village of professionals to pull together a successful sale, but most of all it takes a seller with serious intentions of selling, and the willingness to work with an experienced professional to help present the property at its highest and best in order to maximize perceived value.  After all, a home is worth only what a buyer is willing to pay.  Agents know the market and what buyers want.  Together, you and your agent can showcase a property with the appeal today’s buyers are willing to pay top dollar to own.

If you’re considering selling your Rancho Palos Verdes home, contact Charlemagne International Properties to discuss our local property preparation plan and our global marketing efforts.  

Norma & Josh Toering

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