The southern side of Palos Verdes CA

It was late December 1988.  My family and I lived in a gorgeous 1920s home in the Old Northeast section of St. Petersburg, Florida.  My four children were happily ensconced in a top rated private school. I was one of the founding member of the Ballet Society, and life was humming along in the happy lane.  Naturally, it was time to move.

I was a reluctant house hunter. I thought Los Angeles was a fun place to visit, not to live.  As the jet approached the Los Angeles area the night I arrived, I was struck by how immense the area is.  I wondered how I would find the right schools, the right neighborhood and the right house to begin the California chapter of our lives.

I had 3 Absolutely Must Haves:

1.  CLEAN AIR – Don’t laugh, I thought it would be impossible to find, but with a child with severe asthma it was my number one criteria.

2. TOP RATED and RANKED SCHOOLS – As a former teacher quality education was a top priority.

3. LOCATION – We needed to be close to freeways (to join the 405 crawl), schools, hospital, airport and for fun the ocean/beaches, mountains and desert.

Jackpot! I found them all in Palos VerdesThey are still here waiting for you.  The air is even cleaner than it was 25 years ago, the schools continue to be one of the best public school systems in Southern California, not to mention several top rated private schools as well, and the location grows sweeter with every passing year.

Okay, the desert and mountains are a couple of hours away, but they are both worth the drive and the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

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– Norma Toering