Mini balcony style window surrounded by ivy.

I love windows.  They allow light and fresh air to enter our homes and add architectural interest to the home’s design.  I snapped this photo while visiting Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny, France.  Of course I took photos of the gardens and home but I was not too surprised when this particular shot turned out to be one of my favorites.

The placement of windows in a home is very important and can add or subtract value to the home. A home with too many windows may present a challenge for furniture arrangement, and a home with too few windows will appear dark and claustrophobic.  Lack of  sufficient windows from a view-facing wall may impact the value of the property.

I’m always amazed to find homes in Palos Verdes with no or very few windows on the ocean-facing wall.  An original owner in one neighborhood where this lack of consideration of the view is quite common told me the homes in the subdivision were designed by an architect who never visited the site and was totally unaware many of the homes had panoramic views.  Sometimes a fireplace blocks the view or the garage has the best view in the house.

Throughout the years many owners have remodeled and remedied the blockage but a few homes still retain the original floor plans.  When there is a stunning view in your backyard, adding a strategic window or two or three will add viewing pleasure and future value.

– Norma, Broker-Owner Charlemagne Int’l Properties
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