Potted Plants SproutingPart One:  Preparation

Spring is here, and a homeowner’s thoughts often turn to the overwhelming task of selling their house. The idea of sorting, tossing, fixing and losing one’s privacy while total strangers parade through their castle is reason enough to delay the ordeal for many.

I have a little tidbit of good news for sellers: With proper preparation, presentation and price your time on market will be substantially reduced. Sounds appealing, right? Let’s begin with:

PREPARATION: At a recent pre-listing consultation I advised a young couple to box up at least half of the children’s toys. Boxes stacked neatly on garage shelves suggest organization, and with fewer toys competing for space the children’s bedrooms will appear more spacious and inviting. Ditto for tabletops, dressers, closets, bookshelves and counter-tops. If you haven’t used it for months either pack it up or give it away. I refer to this process as thinning.

Equip yourself with an ample supply of boxes and methodically proceed room to room until the thinning is complete. For the minimalists homeowner this task will be simple; for the collector professional help is available!

Consult with your real estate agent regarding additional improvements. Fresh paint and new flooring may be in order. Sparkling windows, spotless kitchen and baths are a must. This is the time to indulge yourself and engage a professional cleaning and window washing service.

Curb appeal counts so do not overlook the importance of landscaping and a well-maintained exterior. You must capture prospective buyers at the curb or they will drive on by without ever seeing the interior.

Part 2 will address Presentation. Sellers, are you ready for your close up?