Yogi Unlimited

It’s Monday, and after working most of the weekend I found myself searching for energy and enthusiasm to greet the new work week.  Instead of having a second cup of coffee I decided a cup of herbal tea would be the perfect companion for a morning of responding to emails and stirring the real estate cauldron I already have brewing.

If you are not familiar with Yogi Tea, each tea bag comes with a few encouraging words attached–and while the tea steeps the mind can mull over the deep thoughts the words stimulate.

I know it’s hard to believe a cup of tea could be empowering but three little words gave me a surge of energy far beyond any jolt of caffeine.  You are unlimited.  And call me silly, but I believe it.  We are all unlimited.

So I’ll go about my day designing a limitless life, career (no glass ceilings to bump my head against in real estate) and attitude.  At the end of the day, I’ll check in with my life coach, cup my hands around the tasty brew and inhale the affirmation of throwing off the self-limitations we often impose upon ourselves.

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